Secret Service Arrest Chicago Bar Employee Who Assaulted Eric Trump

Fact checked
Secret Service arrest Chicago restaurant employee who assaulted Eric Trump by spitting on him

The Secret Service have arrested a left-wing cocktail bar employee who viciously assaulted President Trump’s second son, Eric Trump.

According to NBC reporter Mary Ann Ahern, an employee at the Aviary cocktail bar in Chicago spat on Eric Trump on Tuesday night.

The Secret service were quick to intervene and arrest the deranged leftist. reports:Eric Trump announced his visit to Chicago tonight on Twitter.

The Chicago Police said they were on the scene to assist the Secret Service.


  1. One way or the otherthe lefty fag will get a good kicking..nothing surer….. you just cant to things like that to any presidents son…ever

  2. She’ll probably just get a small fine. The left is never held accountable for their criminal actions.

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