Shocking Report From Fukushima

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Shocking Report From Fukushima

Has America forgotten about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima?

With the Japanese government tightly controlling news on Fukushima, Vice was able to conduct its very own special report, please watch the video.

In case you didn’t know, water is still pouring into the contaminated area at the dysfunctional nuclear power plant, and workers are still struggling to contain radioactive water in giant barrel-like storage containers, not even having a plan for what to do with the stored nuclear water.

The containers of radioactive water just keep building up, and simultaneously, it has been revealed recently that crops grown in the surrounding area are not only severely radioactive, but the plants are becoming more genetically destroyed generation by generation.

In other words, with every generation of mutated crop or plant growing in the vicinity of the Fukushima power plant, the plants’ DNA sequences are getting more and more out of order, and who knows what the result of those genetically destroyed crops could be in several years.

Could these mutated plants give birth to new generations of not infertile, but fertile and highly destructive mutant plants that destroy the DNA sequences of non-radiated Japanese plants via cross pollination? What could this mean for future generations (humans)?

According to ex-politician Hiroshi Kawauchi, “The nuclear reactor has emitted airborne radioactive cesium levels that exceed the Hiroshima A-bomb by 168 times, but we´re always told everything is OK.”

Yes, we Americans are also simply told ‘it’s okay’ with no real evidence to suggest that.

In a very recent article from RT, trace amounts of isotopes from Fukushima were detected 100 miles off the coast of Eureka California. Is this just the beginning? Will we see higher levels of radiation every month?

I highly recommend you dedicate some of your personal time to researching the consequences of this nuclear disaster; you should expect no one source to fill you in on this in entirety, as it requires the dedication of spending time reading and truly thinking to understand the full scope of implications from this event.

Please share this with absolutely as many people as possible so we can apply pressure to both the U.N. and Japanese government to take proper action to get this situation under control.

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