Jarrell: Some Pedophile Priests Beyond Diocese’s Reach

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In a rather unsettling article, an article by the New Orleans Advertiser states, “Lafayette Bishop Michael Jarrell confirmed today that at least some of the 15 diocesan priests who were credibly accused in child molestation incidents that led to diocesan payout settlements are beyond the point where the diocese knows what they are doing.

Seven of the 15 have died, the bishop said. Of the remaining eight, none are involved in ministry and five have moved away, he said. But in some cases, the bishop concedes, ‘Monitoring their activities is practically impossible.’  The bishop’s disclosures and comments came in response to a series of written questions submitted to Jarrell by The Daily Advertiser through the Rev. Richard Greene, media liaison for the diocese.

‘When these men move out of the diocese, we sometimes know where they are moving. If so, we inform that Diocese,’ the bishop said in one written response to a question. The bishop also said that when prospective employers seek information about the former priests, ‘We respond truthfully.’

The bishop said in his written responses that three offenders live in the diocese, retired. Two receive monthly pension payments.  Of the 15 priests confirmed as pedophiles, Jarrell said, not all of their victims requested settlements.  ‘Some of the 15 were self-confessed, i.e., not reported by victims,’ he said.

The bishop insists that no credible child molester complaints have been made since 1984, and he has declined to release the names of offenders. In response to a Daily Advertiser question, the bishop said, ‘it is correct that reports of abuse of minors have been received in the years since 1984, but all involved alleged acts that occurred before 1984, if they occurred at all.’

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