Six Murdered In Texas Campsite Massacre, Boy Of Six Among Victims

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boy of six

A boy of six and five members of two families were murdered at a campsite in rural Anderson County, Texas.

A 33 year-old Texas man, believed to be the owner of a property next to the campsite has been charged with one count of murder. The six victims are believed to have been murdered at their trailer on Sunday morning. Four of the victims were found in a pool at the neighbouring property belonging to the suspect. A seventh victim survived the massacre by hiding and later alerted police to the murders.

The Daily Mail reports:

William Hudson, who owns property next to the area where the six victims were staying, is being held on a $2.5million bond after being charged with a single count of murder, authorities said on Monday.

Hudson is not related to any of the victims and officials have not determined a motive for the killings.

boy of six
Hannah Johnson and boyfriend Thomas Kamp

More charges against the suspect are expected.

Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said the ‘shocking’ murder scene was the largest he had ever seen, according to the Franklin Sun Journal.

The six victims, five males and one female, were killed on Sunday morning while they were staying at a travel trailer, KYTX reported.

Three of the victims were identified as 77-year-old Carl Johnson, his daughter Hannah Johnson and her boyfriend Thomas Kamp.

Kamp’s two oldest sons were also killed.

The sixth victim was Hannah Johnson’s six-year-old son Kade Johnson.

boy of six
Kade Johnson

Kamp and Johnson had recently bought the property where the members of the two families were staying and the victims were camping there for the weekend.

Carl’s wife, Cynthia Johnson, witnessed the killings but survived the ordeal.

It is believed that she hid while the murders were being carried out and escaped from the property to call 911 early Sunday, FOX 4 reported. hudson_3502514b


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