Social Media To Face Congress Over Unconstitutional Censorship Of Trump Supporters

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Facebook, Twitter and YouTube face Congress on Tuesday over conservative censorship and anti-Trump bias

Executives from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have been ordered to testify before Congress on Tuesday for censoring Trump supporters and conservatives on their platforms.

GOP lawmakers claim that the left-leaning social media giants have systematically imposed their political biases on billions of users around the globe – down-ranking and censoring right-wing users. reports: The companies will send their top public policy officials to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, including Facebook’s head of global policy, Monika Bickert; YouTube’s head of global public policy and government relations, Juniper Downs; and Twitter’s senior public policy strategist Nick Pickles, according to the committee.

Google spokeswoman Charlotte Smith and a spokesperson from Facebook both confirmed to The Hill that they would send representatives to the hearing. Twitter did not offer comment.

A committee aide said the hearing would also focus on the lack of transparency in the company’s content moderation practices as well as “examine the role of competition law in addressing these concerns.”

The hearing comes as a follow-up to another one held by the Judiciary Committee in April, which the companies declined to attend.

The hearing, which devolved into a bitter shouting match at times, focused on Republican charges of bias against conservatives on technology platforms.

Facebook and Twitter have been working to address criticism from conservatives.

Facebook announced in May that it would conduct political bias reviews to address conservative concerns. In June, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey met with conservatives in D.C. to discuss their issues with his platform.

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