Starbucks & Green Mountain Coffee – don’t support the lawsuit against Vermont

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Starbucks & Green Mountain Coffee - don't support the lawsuit against Vermont

Article by SumOfUs

‘Starbucks doesn’t think you have the right to know what’s in your coffee. So it’s teamed up with Monsanto to sue the small U.S. state of Vermont to stop you from finding out.

Hiding behind the shadowy Grocery Manufacturers’ Association, Starbucks is part of a lawsuit that’s aiming to block a landmark law that requires genetically-modified ingredients be labelled. Amazingly, they are claiming it’s an assault on their corporate right to free speech. Even a local Vermont company, Green Mountain Coffee, has joined in.

SumOfUs members have already chipped in to support Vermont’s legal defense fund, and we need to keep it up. Monsanto might not care what we think — but Starbucks does. If we can generate enough attention, we can push Starbucks to withdraw its support for the lawsuit, and then force other companies to do the same.

Sign the petition to tell Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee to withdraw their support for the lawsuit against Vermont, and stop fighting accurate food labelling.

Vermont is a small, entirely rural state with just 600,000 people. It’s a classic David and Goliath fight — Vermont vs. Monsanto and Starbucks, some of the most powerful corporations in the world.

But there’s much more at stake here than just whether GMO foods will be labelled in a single U.S. state. Vermont is the very first state in the U.S. to require labelling, and dozens of other states have said that they will follow this path — but only if Vermont’s law can survive this legal challenge.

That’s why Monsanto and its new allies are fighting so hard to kill GMO labeling in Vermont. If we can win here, it’ll be a huge step towards the goal of GMO labelling worldwide, and making sure consumers know what they are putting in their mouths.

SumOfUs is already fighting back. With a big boost from SumOfUs members, Vermont has raised almost a quarter million dollars to defend themselves against Monsanto’s bullying! But now we need to pressure and call out other members of the shadowy Grocery Manufacturers Association.’

Add your voice now. Tell Starbucks and Green Mountain Coffee to stop their support of the lawsuit against Vermont.

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