Swedish Judge Sentences Muslim Child Rapist To 150 Hours Community Service

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A Swedish judge has caused outrage after finding a Muslim refugee guilty of child rape but letting him off without a prison sentence.

A Swedish judge has caused outrage after finding a Muslim refugee guilty of child rape but letting him off without a prison sentence after he argued that the child was “horny.”

Falun District Court found Mohomed Hassan Abukar guilty on nine counts including child rape and threatening to kill the child and her family if she told anyone he raped her. Mohamed was also found guilty of burglary, multiple cases of threats, stealing a car, driving a light truck without a license, spitting in a girl’s face, resisting arrest, and attacking an official in a court room.

However the Falun District Court judge did not think these convictions warranted a prison sentence and spared the Somali refugee jail, sentencing him to a mere 150 hours community service.  He has not been deported and will be allowed to stay in Sweden to complete his path to citizenship.


For the record, community service in Sweden typically involves gardening and picking up trash in the convict’s spare time.

According to Swedish reports, Mohomed Hassan Abukar told the judge he forced himself on the young child because she appeared “horny.” This was Mohmed’s only line of defense against the charge.

Mohomed had threatened to slit her throat and trample on her head if she reported the rape. He repeatedly shouted in the court room that the girl was horny.


According to court documents, Mohomed followed the girl into a handicapped toilet at a shopping mall and then forced himself on her, raping her for “five minutes” and “hurting her vagina” because she was “not excited.”

Mohomed Hassan Abukar was also convicted of a burglary where he, together with other people, stole expensive items including phones, worth SEK 150,000 ($17,249), and conspired with another man to steal a car.

In addition to the 150 hours of community service, Mohomed will also pay damages to the raped girl of SEK 165,000 ($18,974). He was also ordered to pay SEK 5,000 ($574) in damages to another young girl whom he defiled by spitting on.

However prosecutors have said they strongly disagreed with the judge’s “outrageous” decision to spare Mohomed Hassan Akubar from prison and are considering appealing the sentence.

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