Swimming With Ghosts: Chilling Facebook Picture Shows Dead Girl

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A chilling photo uploaded to Facebook by a family playing in water at Murphy’s Hole, Australia, shows what appears to be the ghost of a young girl who drowned at the exact same spot 100-years-ago.

The circled child in the picture is thought to be the ghost of a 13-year-old who died in 1915.

On the Facebook Page the photo was posted on, Jessie Lu, the girl in white sunglasses commented beneath the picture:

‘There was only three children there on that day. Two adults in the water and two adults on the bank.

‘One was taking the photo by her phone camera. We have had two IT specialists look at this photo. At the time of taking this photo there was nothing between us.

‘The older girl had trouble in the water on two occasions that day. And if u have a closer look at this photo there are quite a few extra faces in the water.’

Shortly after being posted, the following newspaper clipping was unearthed by another Facebook user which reports the death of Doreen O’Sullivan, warning that  Murphy’s Hole is ‘dangerous’ – corroborating the story of a 13-year-old dying there:


Further evidence was uncovered when somebody snapped a photograph of Doreen O’Sullivan’s grave:

AD162516727Mother comments .png

Here is the image of the dead girl and family enhanced. What do you think it is? Comment below:


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