Syrian Army Say ISIS Are Virtually Destroyed And Fleeing To Turkey

Fact checked
Syrian army have confirmed that ISIS are losing the war against Russia

A Syrian Army official has said that ISIS are being virtually destroyed as ground forces have made significant gains against against the terror group.

Syrian Army spokesperson Ali Muabeeb said, “Formations of our armed forces have continued their military operations successfully with the help of the airforce, targeting hideouts [dens] and clusters of the terrorist organisations in various theatres of operations.

He continued, “Our armed forces units are broadening their control in the regions Jib al-Ahmar and Salma, and all the hills around the Latakia governorate, killing more than 300 terrorists.”

“Furthermore, they destroyed several machine gun armed vehicles near Salma and Bradon dam.

The successful operations of our armed forces, and the big losses in the lines of the terrorist organisations, have led to the collapse in morale of the terrorists, and the escaping of a large number in the towards the Turkish border. Thank you.

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