Syrian Soldiers Find Israel-Made Weapons Near Homs City

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Syrian government soldiers have discovered a number of Israeli weapons and ammunition in the al-Wa’er district, Northwest of Homs city.

The Syrian army’s engineering units found the weapons while sweeping the region of the remnants of the terrorist groups in a wetland near al-Bar hospital according to the Syrian state news agency SANA.

Fars News Agency reports:

According to the report, the weapons included Israeli-made 240-mm mortar-launcher, anti-tank missiles, bombs, suicide belts, remote-controlled explosives and a machinegun box.

Also, the Syrian troops discovered a tunnel at the end of al-Kharab street near al-Assi bridge dug towards Homs city and used by the terrorists for transferring weapons and forces.

The army forces also found a number of weapons and ammunition, including Katyusha missiles and mortars and a railway used to transfer arms.

In a relevant development on Wednesday, the Syrian army troops continued to advance against ISIL in Eastern Homs and pushed terrorists back from more positions in the depth of Badiyeh (desert).

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