Tesla Reveals Robotic Snake That Automatically Charges Car

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A 'solid metal snake' that can take care of charging Tesla Model-S electric cars, has been revealed by Elon Musk

A robotic electric car charger from Tesla Motors, named ‘solid metal snake’ has come into service after being worked upon as a prototype by Elon Musk.

Tesla Motors CEO, architect and inventor, Elon Musk has offered a first look at his robotic snake that can take care of powering Model S Tesla cars should the owners be too lazy to charge their electric cars themselves. The robotic “solid metal snake” charger will find its way to a power source, plug itself in and then proceed to charge up any Model S in its vicinity.

Tesla Motors hopes to expand the functionality of the robot to include other models. The slithering accessory is yet another invention that Tesla car owners have to contend with thanks to Elon Musk.

Trusted Reviews reports:

The prototype for the accessory Elon Musk describes as a “solid metal snake” was shown off within a tweet on Thursday.

The 37 second video, which you can see below is shown bending and weaving its way to a Model S charging port and then plugging itself in.

teslaMusk has previously claimed his snake will be available for the forthcoming Model X SUV and the yet-to-be-revealed, more affordable Model 3.

The company has been experimenting with ways to ensure the differing necessities of owning an electric car don’t slow early-adopters down, so to speak.

Before pressing ahead with the as-yet-unnamed snake, the firm had trialled a battery swap scheme, which allowed drivers to simply replace the cells at designated locations, rather than wait for them to recharge.

Other firms are experimenting with wireless charging possibilities for electric cars, but Tesla hasn’t revealed any such plans as yet.

Whether the company plans to make the robotic charging solution a consumer product remains to be seen, but the prototype looks rather cool – if a little terrifying – nonetheless.