The ‘Disease of Racism Is Embedded In The Veins of America’ Says Stacey Abrams

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Stacey Abrams

Failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams (D) claims that America as suffering from a large number of diseases including racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism, and xenophobia.

Abrams took the opportunity to portray America as a bigoted country during a recent interview with actress Viola Davis for Variety, where she touted her recent Amazon documentary All In: The Fight for Democracy for Academy Award consideration.

Breitbart reports: She also celebrated her recent efforts to flip Georgia blue and get Georgia Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock elected to the Senate.

Abrams took the opportunity to portray America as a bigoted country.

“There is a disease of racism that is embedded in the veins of America,” she said. “There is a disease of bigotry that winds its way throughout how we’ve made our rules and who has access — [plus] sexism, homophobia, this broader construct of xenophobia.”

She also spoke about the trauma of growing up in Mississippi and Georgia at a time when the state flags featured the Confederate battle insignia.

“I grew up in Mississippi under a state flag that until this year was the Confederate battle flag of traitors who went to war to keep our people enslaved,” she said. “I came of age in Georgia, where the state flag also included the Confederate emblem. I know what that means. I know that despite all the attempts to wrap that story in veneration and heritage, it is fundamentally a conversation about my humanity.”

All In: The Fight for Democracy follows Abrams during her run for governor of Georgia and documents her one-woman battle against what she sees as voter suppression. The movie is generating awards buzz in Hollywood and has already received recognition from the Writers Guild of America and the National Board of Review.

Amazon released the documentary in cinemas in September in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, followed by a streaming roll out ahead of the presidential election.

Abrams said she intends to take advantage of Democrats’ new political capital.

“My battle is to make power real,” she said. “For us to believe that our communities deserve the power, that our people deserve power. That the marginalized and the disadvantaged — those who have been diminished by society in their minds — we have to know we are mighty in our power.”


  1. Her statements are deeply embedded racism And I’ll bet shes never lived anywhere else so has no idea how america is o r of the least racist n.,if nit the LEAST racist nation on earth Shes a fool and typically one of their favourite tools

  2. The only difference between Black Americans and White, Asian, or Jewish Americans; is the very low percentage of their Culture that desires a higher education.

    From the National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics (NCSES).

    Moving more of the Black Community into higher education solves all of their Cultural problems except one – their compulsion to blame others for their own problems.

    • Not desires but is capable of. You can’t overcome a 20 to 25 point lower average IQ by wishing it away.

      • Howdy John Sinclair. Some say the Black median IQ is 15 to 18 lower than the White median IQ, not 20 to 25, but is that really the issue?

        You state that the Black Community cannot overcome a large IQ difference. Meaning no disrespect to you at all, that is incorrect. Mean IQ scores are not fixed and permanent for any Race. They change over time.

        First I will explain why the median IQs for a Race can change, and then I will offer what benefit the US will get if they do.

        The elements of an IQ test focusses on Perceptual Reasoning, Processing Speed, Verbal Comprehension, and Working Memory. All of these measurements are a factor of two things, mental capability (which is what the test attempts to measure), and exposure to both Culture and Education.

        If I took 1,067 children of every Race, put them all on a variety of isolated ranches in the Louisiana Bayou for 25 years, without access to anything but the most basic education and spoon fed them their basic needs, and then gave them all the Wechsler Adult IQ test; I will get a population distribution for each of the Races that exclude any Cultural or environmental influence on the test subjects.

        When I mean population distribution for every Race, I mean a traditional bell curve showing some subjects with lower IQ scores, some with higher IQ scores, and most of them in the middle. If I compared those population distributions to IQ score distributions from the general public – by Race, then it would be obvious that the mean of the general public distributions were significantly higher than the mean IQ scores of the test subjects for every Race.

        Said in another way, the Asian, Black, and White people in the general public would show much higher IQs than the Asian, Black, and White people living on isolated ranches in the Louisiana Bayou for 25 years.

        That’s because the Cultural and environmental influences skew the results of the IQ tests.

        In today’s America, Black kids face an enormous hurdle from their own Culture, just like Asian kids receive an enormous benefit from their Culture.

        If a Black kid shows too much of an interest or aptitude in a particular subject, his Culture (by the hands of his fellow Black classmates) often punishes him by either ostracizing and/or bullying him.

        That single Cultural characteristic, along with the imbedded flaws in the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Test, easily explains any skewing of the results by Race.

        Or do you think that kids living on an isolated ranch in the Louisiana Bayou will score high on a vocabulary test? A test taker might be asked to say what the words “apple” and “orange” have in common. Of course, the correct answer is that both are fruits. This would garner the full two points whereas a less focused answer (“they’re both food”) might receive one point.

        As all Cultures and our environment become more sophisticated over time, all IQ tests tend to increase, requiring the IQ tests to compensate for the Cultural and environmental effects. This is called the “Flynn Effect”.

        When Cultures (the Black and White in our environment) do not keep pace with the Asian Culture, then the median Asian IQ shows up significantly higher than the median IQs for the Black and White Cultures. Periodically, the IQ test is reformatted to lower the median Asian IQ results, and that also lowers the median IQ results for both the Black and the White populations.

        I strongly believe that what needs to change is the Black Culture’s attitude toward education. If there are more Black Geology and Mathematics graduates, there will be far fewer Black gang members killing each other over their portion of the drug trade.

        And since 50 percent of all the murdered people in the US are Black people (CDC data), from a population that only represents 13 percent of the US population, that would significantly lower the murder rate in the US.

        So I would Ask the Black Community to stop blaming others for their murder rate, and get their kids to graduate College. And I would also ask non-Black people to support that effort, not denigrate it. Because denigrating it endangers all our lives.

        No, John Sinclair, you are not denigrating it, you are posing what you think is a barrier that the Black population cannot overcome. I hope I have explained why that barrier can be overcome – and why it needs to be overcome.

  3. Why doesn’t she go home to Africa then? She isn’t wanted in the US with sick attitudes like her’s.

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