THE GREAT PURGE: Banks Shutting Down Trump Accounts

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Banks begin shutting down President Donald Trump's accounts

In a chilling move, two major banks have announced they are banning President Trump, and will shut down accounts he holds with them.

German based Deutsche Bank, and the New York based Signature Bank have both announced that they will no longer service President Trump following last week’s riots in the Capitol.

“We believe the appropriate action would be the resignation of the president of the United States, which is in the best interests of our nation and the American people,” the statement from Signature Bank declared, according to Bloomberg News. reports: Trump holds two accounts with the bank, according to reports, with over 5 million dollars invested in them.

The bank says it will now close those accounts, and will also refuse to do business with any elected representative who voted to disregard the electoral college vote count.

“We have never before commented on any political matter and hope to never do so again,” the bank also stated.

Deutsche Bank, with which Trump has loans of around $340 million outstanding, has decided to sever ties with the President, after almost 20 years of doing business with him.

Last month, two private bankers at Deutsche who had worked most closely with Trump resigned their positions.

While there has been no formal statement concerning Trump, Deutsche’s head of U.S. operations Christiana Riley spoke out against the Capitol unrest last week, stating on LinkedIn that the bank stands only with Americans who support a ‘peaceful transition of power.’

“Violence has no place in our society and the scenes that we witnessed are a shame on the whole nation,”Riley wrote, adding “We are proud of our Constitution and stand by those who seek to uphold it to ensure that the will of the people is upheld and a peaceful transition of power takes place.”

The relationship between Trump and Deutsche has been strained for some time, with ongoing investigations by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and New York Attorney General seeing subpoenas issued to the bank.

Court filings have revealed that investigators are looking for any evidence that the Trump Organization misled or defrauded the lender by inflating the value of some of its assets.

The actions of the two banks against Trump are part of a larger ongoing purge by the corporate and tech elite.

The Trump campaign’s funding and e-commerce operations have also been cut off by Stripe and Shopify, while a raft of other companies have suspended relations with the President.


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  3. deutsche landers dissin the trumpKINs? where was his head when he bittie the hands that feed hims?.Do like bill clinton pardened everyone and even your self over and over and over again.Bill clinton let out senate bombers linda sue evans and susan lisa rosenberg by parden on 1-20-2001 even after HE was impeached corruption never seems to end on this show about nothing

  4. A side show about nothing is the BIG distraction while he die in mass of covid seem all to easy for the BIG easy 1% getting trillion upon trillions from the covid crashed market place lootings

  5. It is such a shame that Christiana Riley, a very smart capable and attractive lady, and Head of Deutsche Bank USA has given in to the whole fraudulent affair. Of course the situation is much bigger than her and is a global destruction of the US and especially DJT who has, on many occasions declared that he will fight the communist push for global enslavement. Everyone will be aware by now what this is all about, the implementation of the Great Reset once America is destroyed and its currency devalued and replaced. Without America on its knees Klaus Schwab’s evil plot will be more difficult to impose. This will explain why many other countries are involved in the fraudulent election to ensure DJT does not get elected and spoil their plans. It is not just about America but effects the global population. So let’s hope folks that DJT has a good plan up his sleeve or we and our successors are all doomed to slavery. Thank you Christiana for your contribution.

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