Theresa May Vows To Banish Pro-Brexit Alt Media Websites

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Theresa May vows to banish alt-media websites that are pro-Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May has admitted the government has lost “control of the media” due to the rise in popularity of alternative media websites.

According to a report by Politico, the UK government wants to purge the internet of “pro-Brexit, anti-Islam, right-wing populist” websites. reports: And get this, Number 10’s press office is monitoring whats read online – and sites like ours are ranking high as “the most popular” in conversation and via shared articles.

In a sinister twist, Number Ten employs officials to “tackle what No. 10 sees as a rising risk, to the government politically and to the country as a whole” what is that risk? Politico asks; it’s “the rapid rise of new populist news sites pushing conspiratorial, anti-establishment content outside the channels of traditional media.”

Number 10 is actively trying “scare away” the more than 500,000 monthly readers sites like Politicalitehold.

Like Gaviscon (New System of Far Right Paid Advertising) fights indigestion and acid reflux, Downing Street is said to be “firefighting” stories that set their heartburn alight on social media.

They even hold meetings to discuss content online, chaired by the prime minister’s Chief of Staff Gavin Barwell or deputy JoJo Penn.

Three times a day a media summary is distributed inside No.10, setting out what is dominating the traditional news outlets and online publication, just like a digital version of the “Zeitgeist Tape” from The Thick of It, to ensure the Maybot appears like she is ‘in touch’ with the likes of you and me.

They admit how out of touch they are by describing outlets like Politicalite and PoliticalUK as “barely known to anyone in Westminster,” and say sites like Politicalite have become an “issue of mounting concern in No. 10.”

Politico reports that “According to one U.K. government official involved in the briefings, the sites include publishers of viral content like LadBible and, as well as political sites like the Canary on the left and Westmonster on the right.”

“Increasingly, they also include a new breed of hyper-partisan news sites associated with the populist right, Politicalite and, they say we have “seemingly surged from nowhere in recent months to occupy a dominant position in online conversations.”

The populist right-wing media is “huge” in Britain, our stories on Tommy Robinson, Islam and Grooming Gangs eclipse the numbers for mainstream politicians such as May, former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and even Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Tory MP Damian Collins though thinks “This is a really big problem.” you know, like the once-upon-a-time in touch and non-PC ‘offensive’ right-wing tabloids Politicalite modelled itself on, before they were taken over by leftie Editors. #BringBackDarce

…. that’s because The Once Great Mail and the now Eclipsed by Metro-Sun backed the Establishment whilst pretending to back the working white van men and middle-class housewives in Suburbia.

We’re staying REAL, we havn’t sold out to the SJW agenda, and unlike The Daily ‘Tits n News Bits’ Star and Express-ing-DOOM, we don’t run sensationalist stories on ‘World War 3’ and MH370 – that (Private Eye 1485) claims formerly Trinity Mirror – now Retch, sorry Reach PLC admits is the bedrock of those online outlets – (P.S…. how was the Mirror + lipstick Star balloon btw, was it OK!) #SellBackToDirtyDick

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