Thousands Evacuated In Central London As Underground Fire Breaks Out

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holborn fire
holborn fire


People and buildings have been evacuated as a huge fire broke out under a busy central London street in central London.

Smoke was seen coming out of inspection covers and covering the pavement.
London Fire Brigade  has called it a major incident according to reports.
It appears wiring cables under the pavement in Kingsway,  Holborn had caught fire.

Metro reports: The fire is under the Civil Aviation Authority which has been evacuated along with part of the London School of Economics. London Fire Brigade was first notified of a fire when smoke was seen coming out of an inspection cover on the pavement. A spokesman said: ‘Police have declared a major incident and closed Kingsway at both ends. Motorists are being advised to avoid the area. ‘Six fire engines and 35 firefighters and officers are at the scene. Crews are waiting for utility companies to disconnect the power supplies before tackling to blaze.’