Thousands of Canadians Surround Trudeau and Zelensky Accusing Them of Being ‘WEF Actors’

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Thousands of Canadians surrounded the Toronto hotel where Justin Trudeau was meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, accusing the two world leaders of being “World Economic Forum actors” and demanding their arrest for “crimes against humanity.”

Zelensky visted the Canadian prime minister in Toronto, with the Canadian government set to announce that it is sending $650 million and a tranche of new weapons to Ukraine, as per a government official. However the people of Canada are rising up against Trudeau and his unpopular decisions.

“Get out my country, Zelensky. Keep your war. People here are starting. F*** the WEF. We know who you work for. We know you are an actor,” said one man in the huge crowd.

“We are not going to be impoverished by you any more, Justin,” another man said. “Traitor, Justin, an absolute traitor, an absolute stain on this nation.” Watch:

“Look at all this money this man is spending while we have homeless people living on the streets. Look at all this money this war criminal is leaving with. There you go, $650 million and a whole lot more, down the road. Trudeau and Zelensky are out.”

Zelensky, during his visit to parliament, thanked Ottawa for its constant support to Canada since the outbreak of war.

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“Thank you for your support. You’ve been with us from the first days of the full-scale war” and “I hope that you stay with us to our victory,” Zelensky said after chatting with a senator of Ukrainian descent who came wearing her grandmother’s traditional garb.

Earlier, the Ukrainian leader had released a statement saying that he would be talking to the Canadian PM about defense cooperation, and would also sign treaties to strengthen economic ties.

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