Tony Blair Calls for the Introduction of Digital IDs

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Tony Blair calls for introduction of digital IDs

Tony Blair is now calling for the adoption of digital IDs to help solve the problem of illegal immigration in the UK.

A Tony Blair Institute report argues that one of the reasons the UK has an illegal immigration problem is the government’s failure to root out agencies and employers who give jobs to illegal immigrants. So, it has proposed a “digital identity verification” system that would be mandatory for every UK resident. reports: To obtain the digital ID, an immigrant would have to prove that they reside in the UK legally through the verification of their passport or an equivalent document.

However, all citizens would have to have a digital ID.

“The UK is an attractive destination partly because parts of our labor market are under-regulated, which means it is easier to work in the informal economy (and therefore disappear off the radar) than in countries where you must prove your right to work and reside,” said the report.

“Common sense would suggest that this continues to represent a significant pull factor for those seeking to attempt dangerous journeys to the UK.”

While he was Prime Minister, Blair proposed a similar plan, but it was abandoned when David Cameron took office due to backlash from activists, rights organizations, and security and privacy experts.


  1. What’s he in the news for ?Who cares what they dishonest utterly crooked lying deceiving misleading person says or thinks ?Who ?

  2. What a nerve “you must prove your right to work and reside” The unmitigated gall of the obviously heavily intoxicated person representing some legal authority.
    As if the English proved their right to work or reside any where they invaded and robbed by mass murder and grand thefts unrivalled by any other nation in history.

  3. Another cabal creep doing his best to bring in the satanic NWO. Not gonna happen – thank God!

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