Top Democrat & Biden Mega-Donor Arrested on Child Rape Charges

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Yet another Democrat arrested on child rape charges

Another top Democratic politician has been arrested on child rape charges in Maine, according to reports.

75-year-old Eliot Cutler was arrested on Friday and charged with four counts of possession of ‘sickening’ chid rape videos and photographs of victims under the age of 12 years old.

A two-month investigation of the Democrat mega-donor led police to conduct a search at two of Cutler’s residences last week. reports: He previously worked for the Carter administration in the 1970s in the Office of Management and Budget. He has also worked for the office of Maine Sen. Ed Muskie, also a Democrat.

Cutler ran for governor in Maine in 2010 and 2014, both times as an independent candidate.

Cutler was held on a $50,000 bail at Hancock County Jail and was expected to appear in court on Monday. Each of the four counts carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

District attorney Matthew J. Foster said that more charges were expected to be filed against Cutler.

“Return his donations immediately”

Following Cutler’s arrest, Maine GOP Executive Director Jason Savage called on Democrats who have received donations from the fundraising efforts of Cutler to return them.

“Eliot Cutler is a benefactor of Maine Democratic Party candidates and has traveled in elite Democrat circles for many decades,” Savage said in an email statement. “His beneficiaries nationwide need to return his donations immediately. This needs to start here in Maine, today.”

The Maine GOP account on Twitter posted many of Cutler’s donations, including those made to President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and former President Barack Obama.

Cutler reportedly made donations to Democratic politicians in Maine as well as the state Democratic parties in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and Florida.

Here’s more about the arrest of Cutler:


  1. They know how to groom and recruit useful little pawns. And how to kerp them in bindage and discipline using sado masochism. It’s all fun and games to them. “we are all disposable to them” QE2, nothing is what it seems.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. And he’ll probably get to walk away and repeat this demonic evil. Lord have mercy on us.

  3. I have come to this simple conclusion: If anyone is even slightly associated with the Biden’s, they are a pedophile.

    • Pedophilia might as well be a plank in the party platform. Surrounded by the “we do voter fraud” plank on one side and the “we don’t know what a woman is” plank on the other side.

      I think the Sniffer-in-Chief would be completely at home with those building blocks.

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