Treason: Homeland Security Chairman Calls For Hillary’s Arrest

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Homeland Security chairman says Hillary Clinton committed treason

Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul has called for Hillary Clinton to be arrested for what he says are acts of treason against America.

McCaul, who Chairs the House Home Security Committee, told Fox News that Clinton has deliberately put the lives of millions of American citizens at risk. reports:

McCaul said he initially learned of the concern from FBI Director James Comey.

“Now we find out, and James Comey told me previously that it is very likely foreign adversary nations got into her private server. This is why you have security protocols to protect classified information.

She exposed it to our enemies and now, Steve, our adversaries have this very sensitive information that not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas.

This is, in my opinion quite frankly, it’s treason.”

McCaul said that Clinton would be subject to blackmail by hostile foreign countries.

“The concern I’ve had all along is she has had seven special access programs on these devices. Those are the most classified, sensitive secrets in the federal government — many of them covert operations.”

Fox News anchor Bret Baier reported that FBI sources told him it was “a 99 percent accuracy that it had been hacked by at least five foreign intelligence agencies, and they believe things have been taken from that.”

With three days to go — and tightening polls — it’s a safe bet that those hunkered down in the Clinton bunker are feeling anything but the supreme confidence they felt just a few short weeks ago—what surely must feel like a lifetime, these days.


  1. Chelsea Manning is in solitary confinement and Assange and Snowden are in political asylum for the very same crime that Hillary has committed out of pure stupidity and she’s running for POTUS. Laws don’t apply to everyone.

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