Trends Expert Predicts Illuminati Christmas Day Disaster (VIDEO)

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In a disturbing article published recently by Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline, she discusses a recent interview with trends expert Gerald Celente.  In the article, titled “Christmas Disaster Predicted By Trends Expert Gerald Celente!” [1], Duclos writes:

What is coming for the end of 2014? What surprises can we expect for the new year? Trends Journal [2] Publisher Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones in a hard hitting, explosive interview to answer those very questions and much more.

From Feguson, Missouri to the drums of war continuously being beaten, to a prediction of a disastrous Christmas, these issues are delivered in true Celente style!

Celente doesn’t care about the “right” or the “left”, his political atheism is why his predictions do not come with an agenda, he takes trends from the past and applies them to the future and it has made him one of the most prominet trends forecasters of our time.

Celente joins the show at the 5:15 minute mark in the video below.


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