Trudeau Regime to BAN Christianity in Canada Under Radical New ‘Hate Speech’ Laws

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Trudeau regime to ban Christianity in Canada.

The Trudeau regime is quietly making moves to make being a Christian a criminal offence in Canada, under harsh new hate speech laws.

Bill C-367 will ban Canadians from expressing “an opinion based on a belief in a religious text.”

If passed, Bill C-367 would make it illegal for any person to quote the Bible on Canadian soil, because to do so is “antisemitic.” Officially known as “Bill C-367: Removing Religious Protections for Antisemitic Expression,” the amendment would remove specific sections of the Criminal Code in Canada that protect freedom of religious expression. reports: “This is an outright attack on religion,” writes Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics.

“There are countless examples throughout history from every area of the globe where religious prosecution led to heinous massacres. Outright bans on religion start off small, removing a provision or two, until the government deems entire groups of people a danger to society.”

So Christianity is antisemitic?

Prior to the October 7 Hamas false flag attack, Canada tried numerous other ways to stamp out Christianity. During the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic,” the nation’s government went after pastor Artur Pawlowski for keeping his church open in accordance with scripture rather than shutting it down like the “authorities” demanded.

Canada has also tried to stamp out Christianity by claiming it is “homophobic” and “transphobic,” violating the “right” of LGBTQ+s to never have to face any kind of opposition to their lifestyles.

Now, thanks to the Hamas attack, Canada has another excuse to try to stamp out Christianity by claiming that its tenets are “antisemitic.” Will it work?

“Religion demands that followers believe in a higher power greater than the almighty government,” Armstrong adds about the importance of obedience, in spite of and even in expectation of persecution.

“An Angus Reid survey from April 2022 showed that religious tolerance in Canada is at an all-time low, with 22% of respondents saying all religion is harmful to society.”

It should be noted that Christians are not the only ones targeted by C-367. Muslims and other non-Zionist religious people will likewise be prohibited from uttering a word about their religions or religious beliefs because that, too, is “antisemitic.”

Even non-religious Jews will face persecution through C-367 as any expression of belief that counters political correctness will be regarded as a form of prohibited religious speech.

“For example, if someone says they are against MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying), child transgenderism, abortion, or anything that is not deemed acceptable by the Abrahamic religions, they will be accused of promoting hate speech and prosecuted for their religious beliefs,” Armstrong further explains.

Suffice it to say that C-367 is a mess of an amendment that will unleash widespread persecution across Canada. It is what the Bible said would happen in the last days, though – are Canadians ready for it?

“What is happening in Canada will spread throughout the Build Back Better nations under the direction of the World Economic Forum,” Armstrong warns. “This is happening precisely on target with our model’s forecasts.”

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