Trump Admin Bans ISIS Bride from Returning to U.S.

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Trump admin blocks ISIS bride from returning to America

The Trump administration has blocked an American ISIS bride from returning to the United States, saying her citizenship is now null and void. 

According to a statement from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, the 24-year-old woman originally from Alabama will never be allowed to set foot in the United States again. reports: The mainstream media has been attempting to paint a “heartbreaking” and sympathetic portrait of Hoda Muthana, despite the fact that she married four ISIS fighters in Syria.

“‘ISIS bride’ Hoda Muthana, who has been asking to return to the United States, is not an American citizen,” Pompeo said on Wednesday.

Muthana infamous used social media to call for Americans to come to the self-proclaimed Caliphate and join the fight with ISIS. She also called for more American blood to be spilled.

“Soooo many Aussies and Brits here, but where are the Americans, wake up u cowards,” she posted on social media in January 2015.

In March 2015, she tweeted: “Go on drive-bys and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them.”
Muthana was given more of a fair shake in the media than the Covington kids who committed the ultimate sin of wearing MAGA hats in Washington, DC. She was even given a platform in a prime-time interview in a transparent attempt to gain sympathy from the public.

The woman has been using her 18-month-old son as a prop to pressure the US into allowing her to return.

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