Photo Shows Bernie Sanders Getting Arrested By The Establishment In 1963

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Bernie Sanders

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has been fighting for justice for over half a century, standing up to the establishment and fighting against segregation – he even got arrested for standing up for what he believes.  

Bernie was once nabbed by the police while protesting the treatment of his fellow human beings over 50-years-ago when he was barely old enough to legally have an alcoholic drink.

The Week reports:

This striking photo shows Bernie Sanders getting arrested at a 1963 civil rights protest

The Chicago Tribune whipped out an archival photo of Bernie Sanders at age 21 on Saturday. The image, which shows the Democratic presidential hopeful’s 1963 arrest, has been confirmed by Sanders himself.

Sanders, then a University of Chicago student, was protesting racial segregation on the city’s South Side. Sanders was found guilty of resisting arrest and fined $25.

By Julie Kliegman

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