Trump Rules Out Moving US Embassy To Jerusalem

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U.S. President Donald Trump is planning some kind of a peace deal to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A senior White House official says President Trump has decided to put previous plans to move the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on hold.

This means that the president is negotiating a deal, although the White House insists that Trump still “wants” to move it in the future.

The deal will probably have something to do with money and land, things that most certainly interest all parties.

Anti War reports:

Officials say that Trump is concerned that moving the embassy would complicate his efforts to kick-start peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians, though it’s likely to anger Israel’s far-right government, which is pressing hard for the move.

It’s also likely to anger Congress, which mandated such a move decades ago, only to watch the past three presidents put off the movement throughout their terms in office. Though like Trump, President Bush promised to make such a move later in his term in office, he never actually did so.

It had been speculated Trump would use next week’s visit to Israel to announce the move, though there were also a lot of indications this wouldn’t happen. Now that it seems definitely ruled out, expect Israel to complain even more loudly about the Western Wall questions they have with the administration.

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