Trump’s National Security Advisor Is Planning ‘Full-Scale War’ In Syria

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Plan calls for 150,000 ground troops into Syria

Independent journalist Mike Cernovich has revealed that Trump’s National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster is trying to get the president to sign off on a plan that would put 150,000 US boots on the ground in Syria.

He is allegedly manipulating intelligence that is given to President Trump in order to send the huge amount of ground troops and implement a full scale war.

Should the plan unfold, the troops would be sent into Syria based on complete deception.

Cernovich writes:

Current National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond “H. R.” McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now report. McMaster is plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal David Petraeus, who mishandled classified information by sharing documents with his mistress.

As NSA, McMaster’s job is to synthesize intellience reports from all other agencies. President Trump is being given an inaccurate picture of the situation in Syria, as McMaster is seeking to involve the U.S. in a full scale war in Syria.

The McMaster-Petraeus plan calls for 150,000 American ground troops in Syria.

Cernovich looks to be a credible source, he is a journalist, documentary filmmaker, founder of Danger and Play and author of the best-selling Gorilla Mindset. According to Living Resistance he also broke the story of Susan Rice using her perceived position of authority to spy on US citizens.

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