Tucker Carlson: Deep State Are Trying To Kill Our Democracy

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Tucker Carlson warns that the Deep State are trying to kill the American democracy

Tucker Carlson claims that the treasonous, corrupt U.S. intelligence agencies are attempting to kill American democracy.

On his Tuesday night show, Carlson blasted the U.S. intel services for deliberately making it difficult for President Trump to successfully run the government.

Here’s a clip where he slams the intelligence services:

Therightscoop.com reports: I’ve seen Carlson spin a very long narrative since he got into O’Reilly’s seat, and it’s all in service to make Trump believe he’s never done anything wrong, and that his political enemies are all traitors to the country.

He regularly apologizes for Putin and Russia, to the point where he denies clear historical events like the many political assassinations they commit.

It’s pretty remarkable, and this is just another piece of the puzzle – to completely undermine the U.S. intelligence agencies that keep warning us about the threats to our security.

Isn’t it funny how the right mocks newspapers for saying “Democracy dies in darkness,” but Carlson ends his tirade by warning that the enemies of Trump’s divine word are trying to destroy Democracy?

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  1. How do you kill something which does not exist?
    USA has never been, was never intended to be, and is not now a democracy.
    The men who bled and died in the first American war for freedom, intended it be a weak central government, a democratic Republic, (thats not a democracy).
    What the evil of Washington DC made it, when they betrayed Americans and stole their hard won freedom, Was an International for profit Corporation, (a legal fiction), incorporated illegally under British Empire Law, (the British Empire that Americans bled and died to get rid of).

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