Tucker Carlson: U.S. Biolabs in Ukraine Are REAL – but Nobody’s Allowed To Talk About It

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Tucker Carlson says U.S. is funding biolabs in Ukraine, but nobody's allowed to talk about it

Tucker Carlson has warned that the Biden administration in collusion with the mainstream media are actively covering up the fact that the U.S. government funded biolabs in Ukraine to develop dangerous pathogens.

“After our show last night, the Pentagon released what it non-ironically called a ‘fact sheet,’ designed to make the bio lab story seem small and ridiculous. Virtually every news organization in America with almost no exceptions repeated the administration’s claim verbatim, with no verification of any kind,” Tucker said on Thursday’s show.

“‘FACT CHECK: DoD has worked with Ukraine to ELIMINATE bio weapons left behind by the Soviet Union since 2005.’”

“But, wait. 2005 was 17 years ago. How long does it take to eliminate Soviet bio weapons? 17 years seems like a long time. And yet, somehow over that same period, 17 years, the Pentagon has not finished removing test tubes from Soviet-era freezers,” Tucker continued.

“Meanwhile, over at CNN, perhaps aware that the first explanation didn’t make sense once you thought about it, offered a new alibi. According to CNN’s website, the labs in Ukraine exist to ‘secure’ old Soviet weapons. Secure, not eliminate, which raises the question — What does it mean to secure a bio weapon, and again, why is it taking 17 years to do it? And by the way, if these are really just old Soviet weapons, why is Toria Nuland so worried they’ll wind up in the hand of old Soviets, who presumably already have these very same weapons?”

“The day after Russia invaded Ukraine, Robert Pope, the man who heads the ‘Cooperative Threat Reduction Program’ at DoD, sat for an interview with the website Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Pope is the man in charge of securing or eliminating Soviet-era bio weapons, so he knows a lot about the subject, maybe more than anyone else. But it turns out that not all of these Soviet weapons are being destroyed or even secured, and Pope acknowledged that in the interview. According to his interview, Pope said the labs ‘may hold pathogen strains left over from the Soviet bio weapons program, preserved in freezers for research purposes.’”

“The question is, why is the United States funding these biolabs that are not doing anything close to what the Pentagon claims they are doing? Why is the White House press secretary, from the podium, contradicting what the director of the Pentagon’s bio weapons control program has already admitted is true? Why is she doing that, and how should we feel about all of this? Insulted, but also very concerned. There is absolutely a story here, a story that matters. Clearly, that’s why they’re lying about it.”


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