Turkey Accused Of Creating Sunni Dominated Region In Iraq & Syria

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A senior Iraqi politician has revealed a plot by Turkey to create a Sunni dominated region in Iraq and Syria by deploying forces to Mosul, northern Iraq.

Sputnik reports:Turkish troops

“In a comprehensive plot hatched through coordination with the international coalition, Turkey is seeking to occupy a part of the Iraqi and Syrian territories to create a Sunni-dominated region,” member of Iraq’s State of Law Coalition Sa’d al-Matlabi told Fars News Agency on Saturday.

He further said that, “By deploying forces in Northern Iraq, Turkey is preparing the ground to implement its plot to create a Sunni-dominated area in this region.”

He said that the US officials have also spoken about the plot during a recent meeting at the US embassy in Baghdad, FNS reported.

Turkey sent troops and tanks to a base in northern Iraq last week setting off an angry diplomatic row with Baghdad.

Ankara insists it deployed forces near Mosul to protect military instructors working with Iraqi soldiers at the base, but Baghdad demands their immediate withdrawal and brought the matter before the UN Security Council.