Two SCOTUS Justices Moved To Safe Locations Following Assassination Threats From the Left

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At least two US Supreme Court Justices have been moved to “safe locations” following credible assassination threats, Red State editor Jennifer Van Laar reported citing federal law enforcement sources.

Leftist rage has exploded following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs Wade and “credible” assassination threats have been intercepted by law enforcement. It is unclear which justices were moved to secure locations.

Far-left protesters have packed the streets in DC, some of which have been conveniently provided with pallets of bricks, and reports from downtown indicate the general mood of the crowd is “murderous.”

Meanwhile left-wing activists on Twitter are flooding social media with calls for the assassination of conservative politicians and justices.

GWP report: Earlier Friday pro-abortion activists were filmed handing out the home address of Justice Clarence Thomas to outraged protesters outside the Supreme Court.

The protesters were carrying signs with messages such as “ABORT SCOTUS.”

Justice Brett Kavanaugh already had a foiled assassination attempt at his home after abortion activists posted all of the conservative justice’s addresses online.

Thousands of screeching demons gathered in front of the Supreme Court on Friday chanting, “F*ck this court!”


Far-left Antifa terrorists set an American flag on fire.


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