Nestle CEO: Humans Do Not Have a Right to Water, Should Be Privatized and Controlled

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As you are no doubt aware, the global elite are making moves to have people “own nothing and be happy.” The world will be controlled by an authoritarian one-world government and humanity, according to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, will be enslaved in a totalitarian system featuring mass surveillance, mandatory vaccinations and desperate servitude.

Making matters even worse, the global elite are boasting about their plans for humanity in advance. Take a look at this video from the WEF. Are they mocking us?

It wouldn’t be so bad if the WEF wasn’t so influential. In 2017, Klaus Schwab openly bragged about his organization’s ability to infiltrate governments across the globe. At the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, he discussed how the WEF’s modus operandi is to penetrate governments by installing its “Young Global Leaders.”

In recent years, we have seen this modus operandi play out. The WEF has infiltrated governments across the world, with every left-voting nation firmly under their control. Make no mistake, these Young Global Leaders, including Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, and Jacinda Ardern, are working fervently to roll out the agenda of the global elite.

Now a stunning video has surfaced in which Nestle CEO Peter Brabeck-Letmathe claims that water is not a human right and must be privatized and controlled by the elites.

Brabeck-Letmathe, the now Chairman of one of the biggest corporations and the largest food product manufacturer in the world, believes corporations should own all the water on the planet, and no one should be allowed to have access to it unless they pay.

At a time when inflation has gone double-digit, food production plants are burning down, the supply chain is in crisis, and food shortages are on the horizon, we now understand that the elites want to seize control of the planet’s water.

So, is water a free and basic human right, or should all the water on the planet belong to major corporations and the elite?

Should the poor who cannot afford to pay these said corporations suffer from starvation due to their lack of financial wealth?

That is the future of humanity according to the global elites.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


  1. Basically, all the elite are doing is telling us, only elite lives matter and all other lives do not matter in any way at all.
    They see us as just things too manipulate, control and abuse.
    The truth is: The soulless elite who think they are God, are worthless lives, that are totally demonic and dark.
    Only those who are the children of the light who live in truth who have souls and are one with God, have any value.
    The cosmic toilet is about to flush all the elite down, to the cesspit of Hell. Where they originally came from, is where they will return to. Their time is up and they know it. There is Nothing good, or of God in the elite. They are beyond despicable. They are death and destruction to themselves, their own worst enemies, headed to eternal Hell, where there is no water, only flames. That is what they have earned, that is all they will recieve, for eternity.

  2. He is possibly the most secretive person on the planet and chairman Emeritus of Nestle Years ago the only news about him was he was bring treated for a curable illness Since he seems to have developed very odd ideas.
    I suspect people with that level of Secrecy are not open or transparent and so should have no place in democratic society.

  3. Its War! The “elite” morons and their paid (by us) goons (Antifa, BLM, the cops, the military)! We need to start making some noise!

  4. About 25 years ago Bert Newton, Australia’s Catholic mega star and homosexual married with kiddies household name hosted a morning show. He had a regular guest Tonya Todman on who sold gift baskets and he was congratulating her on her birthday present from her husband of a brand new top of the range Mercedes sports car Anyway they got chatting and she revealed how her husband and Malvolm turnbull, goldman sachs banker and later prime minister and husband of Sydneys mayor, and a 3 Rd person had secured ownership of all of Australia’s rainfall and water. Shortly after she stopped appearing a d the show was axed and Bert really never worked on TV again.
    Just odcvappeatencrd for wild lang syne until his national. Televised state funeral honouring his achievrments
    He and his homisexual dude kick, superstar Graham Kennedy, another Catholic made good, now both have Logie Awards named after them Logies being like Oscars for tv.

      • The ineresting thing is all of their profiles that the public can see on the Internet are totally deceiving. Totally. Constructed to Deceive. By design but people think they can trust Wikipedia and the Internet. And if I hadn’t seen that TV show that day I wouldn’t know anything about it because not one of them has ever said one word ever. And she most likely, thought
        she wasn’t being televised but was having a private chat. Her profile now would have you thinking she could hardly afford a car.

        • And for about the last 20 years at least you cannot buy a rain water tank without having to tell the sellers where its going and who owns it and how much water it holds.
          As the Bible says, In the end days the whole world shall be deceived “It’s the INTERNET that is Satan’s the great deceivers tool. And a his little monsters of every age are all in it together to deceive the whole world. The cops the courts the politicians, the whole lot of them.

  5. Many years ago, I heard this joker say water was not a human right. I quit buying Nestles products on that day.

    You should consider boycotting this piece of human excrement too. Vote with your wallet!

  6. Who the heck is this man who thinks he can just dictate to the rest of us and keep us from having water?
    He should be strung up from a yardarm for promoting mass crimes against humanity.

  7. If we do not have a right to water we do not have a right to life, because we cannot stay alive without water. Well, that’s what they really believe anyway, that we don’t have a right to be alive. What could be clearer?


  9. Tie a cinder block around this guy’s ankles and throw him overboard above the Marianas Trench. THEN he can get his fill of ALL the water he wants today and tomorrow.

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