U.S. Air Force Admit That Chemtrails Are Real And ‘Useful’

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US airforce admit that chemtrails are real

The U.S. Air Force has recently admitted that chemtrails exist and are essential in helping them advance military technology.

The military says they plan to detonate plasma bombs in the Earth’s upper atmosphere using a fleet of small satellites to “improve the range of radio communications“.

Naturalnews.com reports:

The Air Force says it would use “CubeSats” to carry enormous amounts of ionized gas to the ionosphere in an effort to develop radio-reflecting plasma. The department says it has granted contracts to three research teams in the hope that they can develop the technology.

Because the ionosphere is denser and carries charged particles after the sun goes down, radio signals can travel further. The ionosphere is a layer of the Earth’s atmosphere that’s ionized by solar and cosmic radiation. It lies 46 to 621 miles above our planet, according to the Stanford Solar Center.

“During the night, without interference from the Sun, cosmic rays ionize the ionosphere, though not nearly as strongly as the Sun. These high energy rays originate from sources throughout our own galaxy and the universe — rotating neutron stars, supernovae, radio galaxies, quasars and black holes,” the Stanford Solar Center explains.

“The ionosphere has major importance to us because, among other functions, it influences radio propagation to distant places on the Earth, and between satellites and Earth.”

Air Force references controversial HAARP while discussing new technology to improve radio signals

Radio signal communications can be improved, however, by sending massive amounts of ionized gas to the ionosphere, says the Air Force, allowing them to create radio-reflecting plasma.

“For the plans to work, researchers must develop a plasma generator small enough to fit on a CubeSat, and they must find a way to control how the plasma disperse once it’s been released,” according to the Daily Mail.

An ongoing project at the University of Maryland is working to develop a plan that would “heat metal by detonating a small bomb,” using the blast to create electrical energy.

Similar efforts were made by researchers working with the High Frequency Active Research Program, also known as (HAARP), in Alaska.

Weather and jet stream manipulation

Scientists have attempted to develop plasma “using radiation from ground-based antennas to stimulate the ionosphere.” But the Air Force says its plan is much more efficient.

HAARP is thought to be the driving force behind weather and jet stream manipulation. Emitting powerful radio frequency signals into the atmosphere can be harmful to all life forms, says Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch.

“The dangers we face from global climate engineering are not only from the atmospheric saturation of highly toxic aerosols, but also from the constant bombardment of extremely powerful radio frequency signals that are also permeating our atmosphere from the clouds to the ground all over the planet.”

Researchers with the U.S. Air Force say their plan to detonate plasma bombs in the Earth’s atmosphere is still in the early stages. However, once the agency has confirmed what it believes is the best strategy, it will begin testing plasma generators in vacuum chambers and on space exploration flights.

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