US Says ISIS Now Have Chemical Weapons Capable Of Wiping Out Life

Fact checked
The US claim that ISIS have got chemical weapons

ISIS have mastered the art of manufacturing chemical weapons, the US government have claimed. 

The Islamic State are making and using chemical weapons in Iraq, and Syria, and have been caught using mustard agents on at least four occasions, a US official has confirmed.

BBC News reports:

The official said the chemical was being used in powder form.

A BBC team on the Turkey-Syria border has seenevidence backing these claims.

The US believes the group has a cell dedicated to building these weapons.

“They’re using mustard,” the individual said of IS. “We know they are.”

The mustard agent was probably being used in powder form and packed into traditional explosives like mortar rounds, the official said.

“We’ve seen them use it on at least four separate occasions on both sides of the border – both Iraq and Syria.”

When these weapons explode the mustard-laced dust blisters those who are exposed to it.

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  1. That was hilarious. What the general said was….

    There is no conclusive evidence of chemical weapons, including mustard gas have been manufactured or Used.

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