U.S Forces Secretly Preparing for All-Out War With Russia

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U.S. forces prepare for war with Russia

U.S. troops are being told to prepare for an all-out war with Russia as tensions continue to mount between Washington and Moscow.

The U.S.’s 101st Airborne Division has been deployed to Romania for the first time in 80 years.

Trends Journal reports: The U.S. Army said in a statement in June that the division arrived at the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airbase to “reinforce NATO’s eastern flank and engage in multinational exercises with partners across the European continent in order to reassure allies and deter further Russian aggression.”

“Being here, so close to that fight (in Ukraine), is exactly where the 101st Airborne Division is destined to be,” said Maj. Gen. JP McGee, 101st commander, during the livestreamed ceremony, Stars & Stripes reported at the time.

U.S. infantry arrived at a military base in Estonia last month to train allied troops and secure Europe’s eastern flank amid the Ukraine War. The troops are stationed at the Taara base in Võru and will train alongside Estonia forces. The base is about 20 miles from the Russian border.

The troops in Romania have been training Ukrainian forces on advanced weapons systems that are being shipped into Kyiv, The New York Times reported.

“You get a chance to train and operate on the very ground that you might have to defend,” McGee told the paper.

AntiWar.org noted:

The Times report stressed that the 101st Airborne deployment was about deterrence. If the US were preparing to enter the war directly, it would likely send significantly more troops. While in Romania, the soldiers are also participating in coastal defense drills, and Romanian troops are practicing firing HIMARS rocket launch systems into the Black Sea.

The Pentagon has said it is sending U.S. troops into Ukraine, under the guise that they are going there not to fight, but instead just to track the billions of dollars of weapons the West sent into the country.

NBC News, citing three senior U.S. officials, reported last month that there is discussion in the White House about sending additional troops into the country to help the U.S. track weapons. The report said there are already U.S. troops in the country, again, under the guise that all they are doing is monitoring weapons.

The New York Times reported in June that Ukraine is filled with CIA officers and special forces from the West. The report said the CIA personnel have been working out of Kyiv.

We reported in October that there are currently more U.S. special forces and CIA agents in Ukraine today than there were at the beginning of the war.  

The Intercept, citing “several current and former intelligence officials,” reported that President Joe Biden has decided to have these forces conduct clandestine operations inside the country, which is counter to what he had said at the beginning of the war that U.S. troops would not be positioned on the ground in Ukraine because their presence would mean WWIII.

TRENDPOST: Gerald Celente has said for months that contrary to reports that the U.S. is in a “proxy” war with Russia, Washington is currently at war with the Kremlin. He said it will only become “official” after the first nuclear flash or a disastrous false flag event.

Weeks before the first Russian tank rolled into Ukraine, Biden brushed off the idea that U.S. troops would get involved in the conflict and went as far as to say they would not even assist in evacuations. He said flatly that an American presence could spark a world war.

The longer the war lasts, the higher the probability is that it will produce a nuclear exchange. 


  1. I want my military to come back home and protect my border and arrest the Satanist that took power in the US government, and any left over money, give it to putin so he can finish the job of erasing the Zelinskyy regime faster.

    • We have a clear winner ^^^^ ……

      Of course, fedgov and the pentagram will do the polar opposite. Our troops are pointing their weapons at the wrong people. The Joint Chiefs and SecDef are killing and maiming our troops with the clotshots. The Russians are *not* our enemy.

    • i looked it up…that is not what i thought you were talking about. what is with bruising of one eye that happens to a lot these evil doers…and then there is the panda eye thing…strange and evil world we live in.

      • Look up the black eye club & soul scalping. It’s how they allow demons to take over their bodies. That’s the info you’re looking for.

    • Agree. And I suspect he’s related to Janet Napolitano from AZ who is really a man & has been the head of the Calif University system. Family lines are very important.

  2. Shipping Our Military Equipment & Soldiers to be used for a Fascist govt. and Training them = Not Good.

  3. The U.S. has no experience with, and is totally unprepared to fight any sort of a war on the home turf. Russia, on the other hand, has a long history of war on their home turf. While one could only hope that if the democrats, and rinos, succeed in goading Russia into a full blown war, the Russians would remove U.S. democrat territory from the playing board.

  4. Here’s Joe Biden’s plan: 200,000 young men coming across the Border each and every month to be issued a Green Card, register for the Military Draft, start the Draft and build a European Land army of Green Card soldiers. That’s the Plan.

  5. No secret since they set it all up in the first place .The longer it lasts the more profits it makes and the nuclear industry is extremely profitable to the very wealthiest.

  6. The cabal wants war & had planned to have a 3rd WW. It’s not going to happen & PDJT will be returning as president.

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