Prince Harry, Who Uses Private Jets Like a Taxi Service, Lectures UN on Climate Change and Poverty

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Prince Harry has been slammed for his deeply “hypocritical” speech about climate change during a keynote speech at the United Nations to mark Nelson Mandela International Day.

The Duke of Sussex told the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday that climate change was “wreaking havoc on our planet” and urged the global organization to take action.

But the 37-year-old was quickly slammed for his commentary, with many critics pointing out he has used private jets dozens of times in the past two years alone, while the rest of the world was suffering through lock downs in their living rooms.

Others pointed out that hypocritical Harry departed the UN meeting in a gas-guzzling Chevrolet Suburban.

It’s not the first time the Prince has come under fire over his travel habits and rank hypocrisy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their two children arrived in the United Kingdom on a private jet for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations last month.

The outspoken environmentalists also opted to fly via private jet after attending Global Citizen Live in 2021 – an event that advocated for climate change action.

In just one hour, a single private jet can emit two tonnes of carbon dioxide – the primary greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming, according to Transport and Environment.

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