UK Gov’t Caught Altering Vaccine Status of Covid Deaths To Make Vaccine Appear Less Harmful

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The U.K. government has been caught altering the vaccine status of those who died with Covid during the pandemic to make it appear the vaccine was more effective than it was and Covid vaccines were less harmful than they were.

Data out of the U.K. from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) for mortality rates in 2021 indicated a large spike in deaths for the non-Covid vaccinated, which appeared to indicate that not taking the vaccine led to higher death rates. However, a new study has discovered that the dead’s vaccination status was systematically altered to encourage public confidence in the vaccine.

study of the U.K. data indicates that miscategorizations of vaccination status was widespread and systematic, as people who received Covid shots and then died were fraudulently labelled as “unvaccinated.”

“At first glance the ONS data suggest that, in each of the older age groups, all-cause mortality is lower in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. This conclusion is cast into doubt upon closer inspection of the data due to a range of fundamental inconsistencies and anomalies in the data. Whatever the explanations for these are, it is clear that the data is both unreliable and misleading,” the study said in the ‘Abstract’ section.

“It has been suggested that the anomalies are the result of healthy vaccine selection bias and population differences. However, we show why the most likely explanations for the observed anomalies are a combination of systemic miscategorization of deaths between the different categories of unvaccinated and vaccinated; delayed or non-reporting of vaccinations; systemic underestimation of the proportion of unvaccinated; and/or incorrect population selection for Covid deaths.”

“…the larger story is miscategorization bias. People who received Covid shots and then died were labelled as “unvaccinated.” THAT’S the story. And that’s why “unvaccinated” deaths spiked immediately after the vaccine rollout. That’s how they hid Covid vaccine deaths and kept the rollout going,” Dr. Toby Rogers said on X (formally Twitter).

Roger’s tweet referenced a Substack post from Thursday by ‘Where Are The Numbers’ by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, professors who research the great pandemic of 2020 and, in their own words, “challenge the global Covid-19 narrative, exposing the use and abuse of statistics.”

“The key problem is that people who died after vaccination before April 2021 did not necessarily have their deaths recorded as vaccinated deaths,” Dr. Clare Craig said on Thursday.

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