UK Residents Warned About Killer Seagulls Coming For Their Babies

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Seaside residents in Britain have been told to beware of killer seagulls who might potentially attack their young children. 

After several attacks involving large animals, officials are worried that the vicious seagulls may go after humans next. The seagulls have been on a killing spree in the Cornwall area, and were caught recently pecking a dog and tortoise to death, and knocking over a pensioner – who was left bloodied by the bird. reports:

Experts are now concerned that the problem will only get worse, calling for individuals to not leave their babies unattended as images of small rodents and even other fowl being devoured whole by ravenous gulls spread on social media.

Simon Prentis, of the Gull Awareness Group, has started a petition to drastically reduce seagull numbers. “To a seagull, what’s the difference between a dog playing on the lawn and a baby playing on the lawn?” he told the Telegraph.

“If somebody were to leave a baby sleeping in a pram or a push chair and left it unattended, it happens I would not wish it on anybody, but we’re headed in that direction.”

Even the British Prime Minister David Cameron has stepped in, theTelegraph reports, calling for a larger discussion on managing the urban gull problem. He has yet to suggest any concrete measures to deal with the problem, however.

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