UK Rugby League Player Dies Suddenly At 18

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Rugby league player Logan Holgate

Tributes have been pouring in following the sudden death last week of rising star rugby player Logan Holgate.

The Rugby Football League announced on Wednesday that the 18 year old from Cumbria had died suddenly. His club Salford Red Devils wrote on Twitter: “Everyone at Salford Red Devils are saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Logan Holgate.

Leicester Mercury reports: The Rugby Football League also joined his former club in offering emotional messages for the “talented hooker”. As reported by The Mirror, the cause of the teenager’s tragic passing are still unconfirmed.

As well as being on the age-group pathway at the Super League side, Holgate was also playing for Hensingham at the same time. Following the tragic news of his sudden passing, Salford offered a heartfelt tribute on social media, as well as sending out their support to Holgate’s family.

The Red Devils were joined in honouring Holgate by the RFL, who said they had been aware of his talent since 2021. As well as paying tribute to his “infectious attitude” and “lasting legacy”.

Their message read: “Everyone connected with the England Community Lions Programme was saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Logan Holgate on Wednesday 11th January.


    • You think he had a real choice? Remember teams and sports venues, and entire countries, absolutely forbidding athletes who wouldn’t get the experimental jab from competing? You’ve heard of Aaron Rodgers, Novak Djokovic and Kyrie Irving? Renata Voráčová, Jonathan Isaac? Dozens more who were brave enough to enough to say no and face the career consequences. You think this up-and-coming teenager could do that? Don’t blame the victim.

      • you choose wrong, you die. That is life. He could have done the same research as anyone else. he didn’t. bye bye

  1. I don’t care if he played rugby or not. Its irrelevant.
    He was 18 and now he’s dead. That’s the point And you can’t trust coronets NEVER EVER could either. They’re political appointments.

  2. And pharma, the FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO, NIH, etc. are all baffled at why these vaxxed people are suddenly dying.

    • You’re being facetious, right? They all know why. And the scared corporate media, all of whom either jumped at the chance or were forced to get the experimental jab, are doing their bidding to hide the sad truth. At this point, it’s only the unfortunate victims who are baffled.

      • Yes, I was being very sarcastic. The evil ones will blame everything except for what it really is, which is the vaccines.

  3. So, which generation was it that made people comfortable with the government being their mother father and doctor to keep everyone out of harms way and all they had to do is trust them?

    Obviously the parents were not vigilant because their parents just followed everybody else and taught their kids nothing. It had to be the great grand parents when the bombs stopped blowing the place apart that the citizens developed their false sense of safety and people stopped passing their life’s experiences to their kids.

    Don’t wait until someone or something slaps you in the face with reality. Be vigilant to the bumps in the dark, they can kill you.

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