UN Climate Advisor Says Climate Crisis Is ‘White Man Made’

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Advisor claims: ‘White Man’ Has Brought Humanity To Verge of Extinction


White people caused climate change according to United Nations climate advisor Ayisha Siddiqa

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres personally selected the Pakistani-American as one of his youth climate advisors to help “accelerate the implementation of his climate action agenda”

Siddiqa who is a proponent of socialism and Marxism,was recently filmed telling an audience that “the climate crisis is not just man-made but “white man-made” and that the “white man” had brought mankind to the brink of extinction.

Info Wars reports: The radical UN advisor blamed “capitalism, colonialism and racial oppression” for ushering in the alleged climate crisis.

“The way that we save our planet is when we protect the most vulnerable communities among us. This includes black trans women. This includes indigenous people. It includes children and young folks because when we protect them, we protect everybody else,” she stated.

Some now-deleted social media posts by Siddiqa also claimed white males are responsible for a climate crisis she thinks could soon render humanity extinct!

“The white man” has also allegedly “killed, looted and abused” the Earth just as the white man did with “black and brown people,” according to the far-left UN Climate Advisor.

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