Up to a dozen Ukraine officials dumped in wheelie bins

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The ‘Trash bucket challenge’  ia spreading across Ukraine as activisits throw politicians into rubbish bins to ‘punish corruption’

It’s a bad time to be a Ukrainian politician, reports the Telegraph

The war in the east refuses to end, despite a “ceasefire”. Winter is approaching, and with it all the worries of another “gas-war” with Russia. And with parliamentary elections just weeks away, pre-revolutionary MPs are getting nervous about hanging on to their jobs.

To make things worse, there is a growing chance of ending up in a wheelie bin.

Since early September up to a dozen MPs, city councillors and other officials accused of wrong doing have been hauled from their offices by masked gangs in what has become know as the “Trash Bucket Challenge.”

The perpetrators – often members of the radical right-wing group Right Sector – say the public humiliations are to punish the corruption and criminality that characterised the previous regime.

But critics warn the attacks are just one step away from mob justice and public lynchings.

“The main thing in our country now is that the criminals are all still there,” said Yury Mindiuk, the head of Right Sector’s central executive. “No one wants to implement the ideas of Maidan.”

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