US Attorney Joe DiGenova: Bill Barr Says There Will Be Indictments in Deep State’s Crossfire Hurricane Sham

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Former US Attorney Joe diGenova confirms that DOJ indictments coming for Crossfire Hurricane deep state agents

Former US Attorney Joe diGenova confirmed that Attorney General Bill Barr is preparing indictments for the Deep State traitors connected to the Crossfire Hurricane sham.

In a radio interview earlier this week, diGenova dropped some bombshells when discussing the ongoing work related to the Russian collusion hoax investigation.

Here is a section of what diGenova revealed early in the interview:

“Bill Barr announced there are going to be indictments in this case.  When he went on the Laura Ingraham Show the other night, and gave an amazing interview for an Attorney General of the United States.

He said, yeah sure John Durham could write a report but that’s not what he’s doing.  He’s getting ready to bring indictments if he has the evidence, quote unquote.  But if he has the evidence is like a passe footnote.  What the Attorney General was saying after saying that Crossfire Hurricane was one of the greatest travesties in American history, and that he was deeply disturbed about the evidence that he had seen.  I think it’s pretty clear that John Brennan, if he doesn’t have a lawyer now then he better get one because the indictments are coming.

As we have discussed on this program for a long time. This was never about John Durham writing a report.  He can do that if he wants to but the most important thing is to bring indictments and the Attorney General just said to us, that’s exactly what he’s doing.” reports: Other notes from great interview:

  • The FBI was not only pushing garbage to get the Carter Page FISA warrant, they knew they were pushing garbage.
  • The items redacted in the FISA Report from the DOJ IG Horowitz are redacted because they implicate foreign governments which are likely: the UK, Italy, Australia and perhaps others.

The entire interview is well worth your time.  It looks like indictments are finally coming!


  1. Crossfire Hurricane was a Hillary/Obama construct.. as Secretary of State Hillary famously named Putin the new Hitler and it was front page and cover page news! With graphics. Yet if anyone above the rank of janitor gets more than a ‘strong admonition’ I will eat my old socks! (nasty). Don’t forget.. this was a Hillary Clinton Mafia project. She and her people are protected..

  2. I’m rapidly losing any hope in this. It’s sounding like the old promises when only some low level grunt is indicted.

  3. Just one honest man is all I want…someone who will go jaw to jaw with evil and come out victorious.

  4. If there are indictments it will be just low hanging fruit. The traitors at the top will escape as usual.

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