US Continues To Evacuate ISIS From Eastern Syria

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US forces continued their airlifting operation to evacuate ISIS commanders from Deir Ezzur where Syrian troops have been closing in on the terrorists according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The SOHR said on Sunday that a US-led coalition helicopter landed in the al-Tabni region in Western Deir Ezzur yesterday and took away a number of European members of the ISIS to unknown destinations.

They also reported that two US helicopters had conducted an operation on Thursday morning, taking four ISIS members and a civilian from a house that had been used as an arms depot.

Fars News Agency reports:

It pointed to intensifying US heliborne operations in Deir Ezzur province and said that Washington might be taking away the agents it once entered in the ISIL structure or the terrorist group’s commanders have possibly called on the US to evacuate them from the region.

The Arabic-language al-Hadath news reported on Saturday that the US-led coalition forces carried out another heliborne operation in Badiyeh (desert) of the town of Albu Leil in the Southeastern territories of Deir Ezzur, evacuating six families of the ISIL terrorists.

Al-Hadath further said that the family members of the commander of ISIL’s Hasaba (security-monitoring forces) Abu Khazimeh Maqrebi were among the evacuated families.

Al-Hadath pointed out that it was the US forces’ second heliborne operation in the last 48 hours in Albu Leil Badiyeh to take away terrorists.

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