US Gov’t Just Officially Recognized the Satanic Temple As a Religion

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The Satanic Temple says it’s been designated a "tax-exempt church" by the IRS, meaning the US government recognizes it as a religion.

The Satanic Temple was designated a “tax-exempt church” by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in April, meaning the Satan-worshipping organization is now officially recognized as a religion by the US government.

The Satanic Temple announced it recently received notice from the IRS regarding its new tax status, meaning the organization has the same rights and privileges as major Christian churches.

The Satanic organization says the designation will help in its legal battles against “religious discrimination”, allow it to pursue “faith-based government grants” and guarantee the same access to public spaces as “other religious organizations”.

The Satanic Temple says it’s a “non-theistic” group, according to spokesman Lucien Greaves, and members do not believe Satan actually exists.

“We don’t subscribe to supernatural explanations or accept them as legitimate,” Greaves said. 

He explains that while members of the Satanic Temple see the mythological, and literary, figure of Satan as a symbol of rebellion against tyranny, they do not worship Satan in any way. 

“This idea of worship, it’s usually kind of insulting to people who identify with Satanism, because that implies a sense of servility. Satanism is about personal sovereignty and independence and freedom of will,” he said.

Lucien Greaves, spokesman for The Satanic Temple, with a statue of Baphomet at the group’s meeting house in Salem, MA

BusinessInsider report: The group temporarily placed a statue of the goat-headed creature Baphomet at the Arkansas State Capitol last year after a Ten Commandments monument was installed. It also sued Scottsdale, Arizona after members weren’t allowed to deliver a Satanic prayer as the invocation at a City Council meeting.

Thanks in part to the IRS decision and the new documentary, the Satanic Temple is entering a phase of rapid growth. It’s got something like 20 chapters across the US, and affiliate groups in Canada, Australia, Germany, and the UK, with more seeking approval from the Satanic Temple.

Co-founder Lucien Greaves also gives credit for this to some of his biggest critics. 

“In a way, the Satanic Temple has enjoyed such expansive, explosive growth because of the rise of the theocratic right in the United States,” he said. “Our expansive membership numbers are a response to the Trump administration and Pence being vice president. People are horrified.”

Chris Bridges holds a sign for The Satanic Temple during a protest outside of an all-day prayer rally.

The core beliefs of the Satanic Temple are laid out in its so-called seven tenets. They mention personal freedom, including the freedom to offend, the pursuit of justice, and the value of scientific understanding. Tenet No. 1 reads, “Strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason.” 

Greaves says the group is serious about nonviolence. Maintaining ideological consistency could be a challenge the organization faces right now as it grows quickly. 

“We’re to the point now where we’re already big enough and our message has resonated with people strongly enough that we’ve developed schisms, and people disagree with some of our tactics with how we approach injustice and other types of activism.”

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Don’t play games. Either you give ALL recognized religions tax-exempt, or you remove it all together. I say remove the tax-exempt nonsense all together.

    Churches, just to scratch the surface:
    -Operate tax free, for no reason, and keep internal operations secret from the public and non-members
    -Have the ability to pay people TAX FREE 6 figures + benefits!!!!!!, and keep it secret from the public and non-members
    -Use children and adults for free labor (called: “volunteer” work), when 100+ years ago, free labor was recognized as slavery
    -Dillude, degrade and deface a sense of community by taking a gathering of people and running it like an Anglo household and/or corporation (symbolically). (In a society now almost fully void of community, the commons, and humanity,, desperate and lonely people are vulnerable to this the most)
    -Shove an Abrahamic religion down children’s throats, and use Marxist play, especially into the adolescent ages, to transition them into Anglodom early.
    -Promote Modern nonsense, and obfuscate by picking and choosing which “liberal” things to accept this day, month, year, and decade.
    -Send missionaries across the globe to Anu-blast innocent, illiterate, poor, unfortunate, or other children into their human-degrading religion.
    -Promote anti-human, anti-spiritual, anti-social behaviors, and irony like the abstinence of alcohol and even caffeine, but not a peep on industry-approved behaviors like pharma pill-popping. Promote beta-male and feminist behavior so ‘loners’ can suffer and sit on the sidelines.

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