US Inches Closer To War With Russia

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The U.S. military announced that they had begun a “major” offensive in Raqqa, Syria, the de facto ISIS capital.

The announcement on Sunday would pave the way for Hillary Clinton to declare a no-fly zone in northeast Syria should she be elected president.. and a no fly zone will require going to war with Syria and Russia.

Rinf  reports:

Approximately 30,000 fighters will participate in the U.S.-led operation. The group expected to carry out the bulk of the fighting is the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, or the YPG.  The YPG is the military extension of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a group that is on the U.S. terrorism list.

(It is not known if U.S. officials were asked about the duplicity of declaring the PKK a terrorist group while at the same time working with them in the region.)

The U.S. will first attempt to seal off Raqqa before venturing into the city itself – actions that government officials say will not be completed prior to Barack Obama leaving office.

“We always advertised that the isolation phase (of Raqqa) is going to take months,” Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford was quoted as saying on Sunday.

The announcement paves the way for Hillary Clinton to declare a no-fly zone in northeastern Syria upon entering the Oval Office.

A no-fly zone would “require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,” Danford told the Senate in September.

In discussing no-fly zones on Friday, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said, “for us to declare a no-fly zone means get ready for war with Russia.” In a separate interview, Stein said, “this is a mushroom cloud waiting to happen.

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  1. What is so DEMOCRATIC about going into WW3 ? all because Liberals are scum of the earth. When WW3 starts, remember HITLER y said it only takes 4 minutes from order time to launch time. I wish to be dead on the first flash & may all the liberals who brought this on, to survive the agonizing pain as they slowly bleed to oblivion

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