USA Today Editor FIRED for Falsely Blaming White People for Boulder Shooting

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USA Today editor fired for blaming white people on Boulder shooting

A Trump-hating USA Today editor was fired on Friday after she falsley blamed the Boulder mass shooting on white people.

“It’s always an angry white man. Always,” tweeted ‘race and inclusion’ editor Hemal Jhaveri on Monday evening immediately after news of the killing spree broke.

The gunman was named the next day as 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, a Trump-Hating, WaPo-reading immigrant from Syria.

“Hi friends. Some news,” tweeted Jhaveri on Friday. “I am no longer working at For The Win and USA TODAY. Here’s what happened.”

In a Medium article about her firing, Jhaveri explains that even after seeing a picture of the shooter, she tweeted a “dashed off over-generalization” about the suspect.

“It was a careless error of judgment, sent at a heated time, that doesn’t represent my commitment to racial equality,” Jhaveri admitted. “I regret sending it. I apologized and deleted the tweet.” reports: In Jhaveri’s world, “racial equality” apparently means blaming an entire race of people for the actions of one violent Islamist.

However, Jhaveri thinks that her firing wasn’t specifically in relation to that tweet, but to others in which she was “publicly naming whiteness as a defining problem.” She also referenced a 2017 tweet in which she called out “a reporter’s white privilege” as another reason for her dismissal.

“My previous tweets were flagged not for inaccuracy or for political bias, but for publicly naming whiteness as a defining problem,” Jhaveri said. “That is something USA TODAY, and many other newsrooms across the country, can not tolerate.”

The now unemployed journalist also claimed she was the victim of racist “microaggressions” carried out by “majority white” USA Today staff during her 8 year run with the media outlet.

Jhaveri also complained about a standards and ethics meeting in which an editor “argued it was OK to deadname transgender people” (the horror).

“I could go on,” Jhaveri said. “Over almost 8 years, plenty of incidents have piled up.”

“This is not about bias, or keeping personal opinions off of Twitter. It’s about challenging whiteness and being punished for it,” Jhaveri wrote.

“Like many places, USA TODAY values ‘equality and inclusion,’ but only as long as it knows its rightful place, which is subservient to white authority,” she added.

By the sounds of it, I’m sure everyone at USA Today will sorely miss Jhaveri’s “inclusive” presence.

Jhaveri wasn’t the only journalist to let slip anti-white racism in the aftermath of the shooting – literally countless others posted similar tweets.

None of them appear to have been fired.


  1. Looks like she’s Hispanic, had it been a black she would have gotten a raise? Better wake up Hispanics, your next after they get rid of the whites.

  2. So apart from the religion political propagandas where are rhe facts Who issued him a gun licence Where did he purchase it a d the ammo and what REALLY was his motivation More specifically who are his handlers and is he even guilty Or is it another of their medical aet ups What medication has he just started taking ,and why? Is he on the usual shooters psychotropics and under a psychiatrist too !? As per the usual scenario? Always so conveniently timed for their intentions ” we are all disposable to them ” Qe2

  3. The majority of black killing is done by blacks to blacks. They do a lot of drug trafficking that police media spokespersons always pretend doesn’t happen Why The mass killings are very often done by a person who has just been put on psychotropic drugs or has extensive psychiatric history Like Martin Bryant who was responsible for Australians surrendering their guns And there’s still a lot of unanswered questions about the story concerning that event All media managed with police nedia spokesperson telling the story As usual

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