Video: 15 Of The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries In The World

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Exploring the unknown is great for a number of reasons. Not only do we allow our minds and imaginations to explore beyond the thoughts of every day life, but we are openly challenged to critically think and keep an open mind to possibility. I believe that exercising our minds in this manner can help us stay open and excited about the mysteries of our world and encourage us to continue to explore.

What It Means To Be Skeptical

It almost seems to be common place today to consider skepticism as being scientific. Science as a means of exploration is a beautiful thing as it is, but the culture that has developed around science and skepticism, I believe, is doing us a great disservice. That statement alone is controversial and will likely raise feathers and this I feel is part of the issue. Don’t get me wrong, skepticism is OK, and important, but it must not get to the point of closing doors.

We have an amazing world here, and to explore it scientifically is a necessary part of us figuring out where we are and where we can go. But the biggest thing we need to watch out for is cutting down our potential by means of plopping “logical” explanations on things we think we understand but don’t. Likewise, we also must carefully navigate scientific bias and recognize how common it truly is.

Recently one of the world’s biggest skeptics, Michael Shermer, had what he called a supernatural or paranormal experience that “shook his skepticism.” Perhaps it was an experience that can almost send a wake up call to remind us to be humble in what we think we know, especially when we hear the stories of others. For years, Michael had laughed at and considered crazy those who claimed so deeply to have had paranormal experiences or something they couldn’t explain. Finally he had his own experience and he could now relate.

The moral of the story here is simply that we must remember to not close doors until we truly have the means to do so. It’s important not to cast aside those who claim to have experiences we don’t understand and belittle their experiences with “logical” explanations all while shutting out exploration of something that can have huge implications on humanity as a whole. This is an all too common and celebrated behaviour amongst the scientific community and yet it is truly unscientific.

Unsolved Mysteries

With that in mind, let us explore some cool mysteries we have yet to solve and allow our imaginations and creativity to conjure possible answers. Don’t limit yourself to what might or might not sound crazy in our modern world.

Remember, it’s only a product of years of conditioning as to what is normal. Picture a child being told such stories, they allow their minds to explore every ounce of it versus simply confining it to a small scope of possibility or simply passing it off as lies. It’s that type of openness that the greatest thinkers and inventors of our world had. I believe great and revolutionary scientists exist in the extreme few today because most have been conditioned out of brilliance.

*Note on Jack The Ripper* -Please refer to the following link for the latest development in unmasking Jack the Ripper.

1. Voynich Manuscript, 2.Green Children, 3. Rongorongo, 4. Dyatlov Pass, 5. The Immortal Count, 6. Beale Ciphers, 7. Phaistos Disc, 8. Pollock Twins, 9. Alcatraz Prisoners, 10. Lost City of Atlantis, 11. Shugborough Inscription, 12. Wow! Signal, 13. Cicada 3301, 14. Georgia Guidestones, 15. Jack the Ripper

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