Video: Argument Over Closing Time Leads To Stabbing At McDonald’s

Fact checked

A suspect in Philadelphia is still on the loose after allegedly stabbing a McDonald’s employee. Surveillance footage from the restaurant shows the disturbing incident as it unfolded.

On Monday, November 3rd, a man and his female companion entered the business at approximately 11 at night. The couple placed their order, got their meals and then sat down in the dining room.

As the two were eating in the otherwise empty area, they were informed that the dining room was closing for the night and staffers asked them to leave.

The male reportedly became hostile and started an argument with McDonald’s employees. He got out of his seat and approached the counter.

Then, he followed one of the staffers outside and continued bickering. The victim attempted to walk away but the man reportedly brandished a knife and stabbed him in the back.

He managed to get away unscathed. The employee was transported to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania for treatment.

Police have warned public members not to approach the suspect if he is recognized.