Video: George W. Bush Calls Bill Clinton His ‘Brother From Another Mother’

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Former President George W. Bush may not be keen on all social media, but he did recently make an Instagram post that got people talking.

It was a response to a tweet by Bill Clinton who had just read Bush’s book, ’41: A Portrait of My Father’.

Clinton wrote, “ Received my copy of 41 from 43, George W. Bush. Touching tribute.”

He added the hashtags, “HowAreYouSTILLNotOnTwitter” and “PresidentialTweeters”.

Bush responded, but did so via the photo sharing site.

His contribution to the conversation included a screenshot of Clinton’s comments and a message of its own.

He wrote, “Thanks, 42. Hope you like the book about your pal, 41”

Hashtags were part of Bush’s post as well and included “HowAreYouSTILLNotOnInstagram” and “BrotherFromAnotherMother.”

The relationships between Clinton and both Bush former presidents are quite amicable.

Not long ago he and the younger of the two got together to announce the launch of a leadership program and shared quite a few laughs and stories.

Clinton and the elder Bush’s friendship over the years has been often noted and is one of the topics addressed in the new book.

In a recent interview, 41 himself said of 42, “…he’s a good man. I like him.”

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