Video Claims To Show UFO Crashed In Arizona Desert

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Arizona UFO

A new video has gone viral showing what seems to be a “stranded” UFO disc in the middle of an Arizona mountainous desert.

The video was captured using Google Earth cameras by SecureTeam10, and shows a large black disc-like unidentified object crashed in the middle of nowhere, with a white truck next to it. Some believe the truck belongs to federal investigators sent to check out the flying saucer.

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Additionally, the narrator of the video says that the craft in the desert, close to the state of New Mexico, is situated in a no-fly zone, prompting speculation that it was shot down for being in the area without permission.

The author, known as Tyler, said in the comment section of the video: “As I said, it could be a crash site, or it could be a testing site.

“What really interests me is not only the military no-fly restriction put on this exact area, but the SECOND no-fly restriction literally placed dead-centre on the location of this object.

“That’s a hell of a lot of military-grade restriction overkill for whatever this thing is.”

However, the claim has been met with a degree of scepticism.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “Compelling evidence? Please stop feeding these people your crap”.

Another added: “It’s a water tank on the side of a road.”

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