Video: EXPOSED – Insider Knowledge On September 2015 Comet

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September 2015

YouTuber Renee M. has posted a video by Lyn Leahz where she talks about some fascinating information she received about the alleged Comet that many believe will hit Earth in September, 2015.

From the YouTube video description:

Lyn Leahz shares about a phone call with her friend who was given inside information about a comet expected to hit the earth between September 15-28, 2015.

Almost a year ago, the foreign minister of France three times publicly announced at a White House press conference a 500-day countdown to “climate chaos”, which will end on September 24, 2015.

They know what is coming and have already told you – chaos will erupt on this planet in September 2015. Are you listening? Are you prepared?

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  1. You know I was thinking, The day they power up the big cern machine is the exact same date the comet hits. They power up the hadron collider during the day and that same night the comet is supposed to hit.Cern had a magnetic field 1000x more powerful than earths and gravity field more than 1000x earths core and it was only at 70% last time! What if they turn it on and it pulls nearby meteors Or a passing comet down to earth?Sounds like an illuminati plot to me. Maybe that’s how it’s being predicted and why it’s in the illuminati card game. They were waiting until a comet or asteroid was really close or a near miss and for their machine to be powerful enough to pull this off. This would be the perfect plan to kill millions and turn humanity against itself to depopulate the earth.

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