Gretchen Witchmer Led a Violent ‘Insurrection’ and Then Bragged about It, New Video Shows

Fact checked
Gretchen Whitmer led her own violent insurrection and bragged about it, newly resurfaced video shows

Far-left Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer bragged about leading her own ‘insurrection’ in the Michigan State Capitol in 2012, newly resurfaced video shows.

In the video below, Whitmer addresses a crowd of angry protestors, telling them that she wants to fight and asks them to do the same.

What follows is a massive crowd of aggressive protestors clashing with Republicans who supported the Right To Work proposed by the GOP.

WATCH: reports: Still, as there is video proof Whitmer helped fuel and led a riot of the Michigan State Capitol, the Democrats continue to harp on how Trump tried to create a Civil War that was somehow comparable to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.   


  1. They’re quite mental really A total lack of historical factuality. Just a convenient sense of “morality” based entirely 9n their prejudices.

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